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Learn to Access Debt & Equity Capital For Your Real Estate Acquisitions
Up to 100% Finance with Joint Ventures
Learn the Private Money Structures that
Enabled Us to Empower Investors with
Up to 100% Financing with Joint Ventures
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Private Money Lenders Look at Verifiable Experience and Financial Strength to Carry High Leverage Debt
Maximize IRR By Completing Value-Add Repositions within 12 Months to Ensure Success & Profitability
An Asset with Increased Value is
Able to Be Leveraged, Cashed Out, Held,
and 1031 Exchanged into The Next Asset
Private Money Partners
Premier System
Learn the Proven Strategies that We and Our Partners
Utilize to Structure Real Estate Acquisitions with 1st and 2nd
Trust Deed Investors, Up to 100% Finance with Joint Ventures
Basic Loan Structures
Most 1st Trust Deed debt lenders are only
able to lend a maximum loan amount of
~80% Purchase + 100% Rehab Costs.
Gain insight on how we structured 20% gaps
on 2nd TD utilizing private money lenders
Trifecta Formula
The three major ingredients to a successful real estate acquisition are:
1. Properties
2. Private Money
3. Partners
Harmoniously balancing the
dynamics of all three ensures guaranteed loan closings
3° of Qualifcation
Credit History is a reflection of one's ability to  uphold their financial responsibilities in the past 
Capital Availability instills in a lender confidence  that Borrower has the resources needed to service the debt (i.e. closing costs and interest) 
Caliber of Experience is a measurement of a  Borrower's ability to execute a property repositition
Loan Applications with Guidebook
Borrowers need the qualifications
to secure the high leveraged debt &
equity for their acquisitions.
Find out what Lenders wants to see,
and position your submissions for
guaranteed approvals.
Laws of Leverage
Buying properties all cash is the most
time-tested mode of acquiring real estate.
But leverage allows you to maximize the buying power of your cash, up to 10-fold+.
52-Weeks of Case Studies
Stand Alone 2nds
Joint Ventures
Leveraging Credit
Leveraging Experience
Leveraging Financials
Lender Buy-Outs
Why Loans Don’t Close

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Executive Summary Templates
Position yourself as a high integrity investor by showcasing previous successes and a strong board of directors
Guides to Find the Best
1st TD Debt Lenders
Debt Lenders are a commodity, so ensure that you are working with the best quality at the best rates
Trust Deed Investor
Introduce your investment opportunities with inviting and embracing marketing material
Trust Deed & Equity
Partner Webinars
Convert prospective investors into debt and/or equity capital partners, with these webinar slides
Online Marketing
Real Estate Academy
Learn how we were able to attract quality properties, partners and
private money online on autopilot 
List of +1,000 Private Money Lenders Nationwide
Systematize your flow of investors
with lists of private money lenders in your local city (updated monthly)
Loan Doc Templates & Guides
Know what you are signing before you sign them.
Understand the language that Lenders speak
and become a more responsible Borrower.
1st TD Debt
80% Purchase + 100% Rehab

Deed of Trust
Guraranty & Disclosures
2nd TD Gap
20% Purchase

Deed of Trust
Guraranty & Disclosures
3rd TD SAM
Shared Appreciation Mortgage

This document allows us to maintain our equity position when we fund more than 90% Purchase + 100% Rehab costs
Learn the Private Money Structures to
Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio Today
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